Sophie Gray

Sophie talks about destitute gourmet:

destitute gourmet and the dg principals have evolved out of my own experiences; firstly as a debt ridden and irresponsible twenty something. And later as a young family with a fledgling business, a mortgage and a grocery budget of $50.00 a week.

Like many low income households, with no immediate relief in sight, the 3 D’s of depression, debt, and divorce seemed inevitable. We struggled to make ends meet, worried about bills, doctors visits and providing for the kids.

Over time my background in professional cookery, and interest in food and recipe development came to the forefront as I found ways to spend less on groceries which allowed us to channel money into other areas. We didn’t hungry in fact the quality of the food improved as I cooked more thoughtfully and the savings came by adjusting the way we shopped, cooked and ate. The resulting tricks and techniques came from combining restaurant practices with practical home cookery and regular urban family life with foodie parents, fussy kids and busy lives.

I’ve experienced the enormous satisfaction of getting out of debt, seeing the savings account filling up and knowing that the bills are paid. We all have different reasons why we may want or need to spend less. Some will be circumstantial such as study, retirement, the breakdown of a relationship, loss of a job, an accident or illness. Others are lifestyle choices, like ours, to run a small business from home rather than pursuing a more highly paid career or dropping from two incomes to one to raise a family. Some people may want to live more simply because they just want to use less of the world’s resources. Others like me, have greedily shopped, eaten and drunk themselves into debt. Its true and I had to face up to it.

The lion’s share of the potential savings are the weekly and in some cases daily decisions you will make, to not spend on this or that, so you have money left for the things that are really important to you. The harsh reality is that for most of us, it’s not possible to have everything we want. It is quite possible to have everything you need though, and to have what is most important to you. It all boils down to choices. To get started check out the dg money saving tips and techniques here Spend Less

The exciting thing is that making good financial choices is empowering. Instead of feeling ground down or overwhelmed by financial burdens you can expect to feel excited and optimistic about the future and your financial security. It’s pretty cool knowing exactly what your financial status is and that you don’t have to worry. It’s also not that common these days. Living on less doesn’t have to be odious and miserable, we want to enjoy life and that is one of our goals. When you see every good choice you make actually bringing you closer to achieving what you really want, little sacrifices can make you feel really good as the choices we make to refrain from one thing, bring us closer to the things that are truly important.