The Sweetie Treatie Tree is fun and easy to make, it can be used as a gift as well as reused at home year after year.

You will need
A small terracotta pot
A sturdy stick or piece of dowel
A polystyrene ball-
Plaster of Paris
Double sided sticky tape
Wrapped Sweets and treats- chocolates, mini mars bars or similar, candy canes, truffles, bags of m and m’s…

Make up the plaster of Paris according to the packet directions; pour into the pot (you may need to plug up the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot).

Insert the stick into the centre of the plaster and leave to set. When completely dry, whittle a hole into the polystyrene ball so that it fits snugly and securely onto the stick.

Cut strips of double sided sticky tape and wrap all over the ball, press individually wrapped treats onto the ball until it is completely covered.

Take the sweetie tree to other peoples houses as a gift or after dinner treat, use at birthday parties or as a table centrepiece.

To reuse, remove old sticky tape and replace with fresh tape and a new stock of goodies. Our sweetie treatie tree has been in use for around 10 years now.