Carbonara is a classic rich pasta dish. It’s really quick to make and by substituting pancetta for more humble sausage it’s inexpensive but packed with savoury flavour. Parmesan is a luxury ingredient for us, but even with the parmesan cheese this is still an inexpensive and delicious meal.
Serves 4-6

Spaghetti or other pasta for the number of people you are serving
3 good quality meat sausages – nice herby or spicy ones work well
2 cloves garlic crushed
3 eggs
2 egg yolks
½ cup grated parmesan cheese
¼-1/2 cup pasta cooking water
Several handfuls fresh chopped parsley

Cook the pasta according to the packet directions. While the pasta is cooking you can make the sauce.
Heat a medium saucepan or frying pan and squeeze the sausage meat from the sausage casings. Sausages usually contain fat so you shouldn’t need any oil. Discard the casings and fry the sausage meat crumbling it as it cooks. Add the crushed garlic and when it is soft set aside the pan aside. Beat the eggs and egg yolks together and stir in the parmesan cheese.
When the pasta is cooked, drain it reserving ½ cup of the pasta cooking water.
Pour the drained pasta into the pan with the cooked sausage; add the egg mixture and enough of the hot pasta water to create a creamy sauce. Stir gently until the pasta is coated, taking care not to scramble the eggs. Stir in the chopped parsley and serve.

Try this:
5 sausages – 6 people
Make a sausage casserole – brown 5 sausages under the grill and slice into chunks. Cook a diced kumara or sweet potato and a couple of carrots, and a rasher or two of bacon. Place all together in a casserole dish. Add a can of mushroom soup and heat through in the oven. Serve with mashed spuds and plenty of green veg.

4 sausages – 6 people – this recipe originated with dietician Bronwyn King. I’ve made it loads of times. It’s easy, tasty and healthier than most sausage casseroles.
Brown the sausages under the grill.  Sauté carrots 2 sliced carrots, a chopped onion, some garlic and a capsicum. Add a can of chilli beans, a can of chopped tomatoes and a squirt of tomato sauce. Cut the sausages into chunks and add to the rest. Simmer till carrots are tender and then add a couple of cups of frozen green beans. When the beans are cooked, serve with mashed spuds.