Palmiers are so quick to make, even a non-baker can whip them up for a quick snack or to accessorise a simple dessert. Make savoury Palmiers with pesto or tapenade to serve with drinks.

1 sheet of frozen puff pastry
Strawberry jam or hazelnut and chocolate spread or pesto
Caster sugar or grated parmesan cheese

Cover a baking sheet with non-stick baking paper or spray well with non-stick spray.
Spread the pastry with your chosen spread then sprinkle with caster sugar or Parmesan cheese. Fold sides into the middle and sprinkle once again. Fold the sides in again forming a folded log.
Slice the pastry across the log making little hearts or Palmiers.
Bend the feet of each palmier out so it resembles a little dancing capital A then lie them flat side down on the baking sheet and sprinkle with caster sugar. Bake 15 min or till golden. Remove quickly to a rack to cool.

Serve 2 to 3 little Palmiers with ice cream or coffee, or on the side of a dessert. Make large Palmiers and layer them on individual serving plates with fruit and cream, drizzle with a fruit or chocolate sauce and dust with icing sugar.