The perfect cutter for lining muffin pans with pastry is actually a 425 g tuna tin. It’s worth making a fish pie just to get the tin. A regular cookie cutter will do fine for cutting pastry lids.

2 Sheets of ready rolled puff pastry – makes 6 single serve pies
Filling – leftovers from dinner, canned or stewed fruit – whatever you have
Beaten egg for glazing

Cut the pastry into circles re rolling the pastry when necessary to line 6 greased muffin pans with pastry, place a spoonful of filling into each pastry case then re roll the pastry to cut the lids. Brush the edges of the lids with water and press into place with the tines of a fork.
Lightly whisk the egg, brush over the pies, and bake until risen and golden.