Jalousie refers to the way the pastry is sliced to resemble a wooden slatted blind (jalousie is French). In culinary terms almost anything sliced like this is a jalousie, like we might describe something as a parcel whether it is wrapped in pastry or bread or banana leaves or grape leaves… A pastry jalousie is a very good way to make a small amount of something go a long way; this recipe is just one example, try sweet or savoury versions.

500 g sausage meat
1 onion chopped
1 -2 tsp mixed herbs
2 sheets of puff pastry or home made flaky pastry
Milk to glaze

pastry7In a bowl or processor combine the sausage meat, onion and herbs.
Lay a sheet of pastry on a baking tray, brush the edges with water and spread the seasoned sausage meat inside the pastry square. Lay the second sheet of pastry over the top carefully sealing the edges. Cut diagonal slits in the top of the pastry and brush with milk. Bake the Jalousie for 20-25 minutes until risen and golden. Serve hot or cold.