Personalise hollow chocolate eggs by placing a gift inside and decorating the egg.

You will need:

    • A hollow Easter egg
    • 100g dark chocolate melts, buttons or melted block chocolate
    • A serrated knife, a bread knife or steak knife is fine
    • Icing for piping made with icing sugar and egg white
    • Gift for inside- money, sweeties, a note, jewellery, airline tickets… whatever you choose. Remove the foil from the egg and make it into a little nest to rest the egg on. If you hold the egg to work on it, the heat from your hands will melt the chocolate.

Heat the knife in hot water then repeatedly run the hot knife around the seam of the egg until the halves separate.

Melt the chocolate melts or buttons according to the manufactures instructions.

Place your gift or sweeties in one half of the separated egg and use the melted chocolate melts to reseal the two halves. Chill until set.

specialeasteregg2While the chocolate is setting, whisk ½ an egg white until frothy then gradually add sifted icing sugar and whisk in thoroughly with a knife until you have a thick white icing that holds a peak. The combination of whisking and adding more sugar is what makes it thicken. You need to whisk well to aerate the icing. Piping icing is ready when it holds a peak and is almost a little dry looking on the surface. Test it by spreading a little on a piece of paper and seeing if it will dry in a few minutes. It should shatter when dry.

Use a piping bag or plastic bag with a corner snipped off to pipe decorations on the egg. Simple flowers around the seam, a name on the top… if you have cake decorating nozzles and some skill then obviously you can do something more elegant but an absolute novice can create a funky look by using Smarties or M&M’s as the centres of the flowers. Cake decorating shops sell ready made edible icing decorations that you can buy and stick on if you don’t want to attempt to make your own.

If using carob eggs be very careful as carob, and in particular carob L (suitable for diabetics) are very brittle.