These are so pretty and fun to make. If you want to eat the eggs then hard boil them first, if you want to keep them as a decoration then blow them.

You will need:
White eggs
Food colouring
Selection of decorations- wax crayons, stick on letters, adhesive diamante body ornaments, adhesive tattoos…
A glass of warm water
A drop of vinegar
Kitchen towel or rags
Some vegetable oil for polishing

To blow eggs: This removes the white and yolk while leaving the shell intact so you can enjoy it without it getting smelly
Use an embroidery needle to make holes in each end of the egg, make one hole larger than the other. Poke the needle up inside the egg and twirl it around to ensure that the yolk is broken. Now hold the egg over a bowl and with lips forming a seal around the end of the egg with the smaller hole, blow hard, forcing the contents out the larger hole at the other end.
When the egg is empty rinse it thoroughly under running water and make scrambled eggs for lunch while the shells dry.

To decorate the eggs:
Special effects: Form words or names out of stick on letters before dying the egg. Once the shell is the desired shade, remove from dye and dry, and then peel off the letters to reveal the words.

Wax crayons: One of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate eggs is simply with wax crayons. Draw on a pattern using a variety of colours then drop the egg into the dye. The dye will not adhere to the crayon so the pattern stands out in relief. From simple swirls and stripes to elaborate filigree, wax crayons produce a great effect

To dye the eggs:
Put a drop of food colouring to a glass of hot water, add a splash of vinegar to the water, this cuts through any greasy residue on the egg shell and helps the colour to adhere.
The stronger the concentration of dye the darker the hue. We use a teaspoon to lower the eggs in and fish them out.

For very delicate colours dip very briefly in the dye or go from one colour to another for different effects. Try not to handle the eggs with your fingers until the dye has “taken”, rub off any excess with a rag or kitchen towel as little drops will leave darker stains on the shell.
Give the eggs a little polish with oil to give them a sheen.

Egg rolling:
This is an old but still popular Easter tradition. All the family members decorate a hard boiled egg, they then roll the eggs down a hill and see whose comes first. The winner is the first to be allowed to open a chocolate egg. You can decorate a whole “team” for racing eggs and see who is the champion egg roller in your family. This is one competition where the two year old has just as much chance of winning as Dad.