Pink Gin and Tonic

Serves: 1 Ready in: 5 mins

Gin and Tonic is one of the most refreshing and simple aperitifs. You can use regular gin if you don't have pink gin. It's also a longer drink so can be sipped slowly without sending you "3 sheets to the wind". Longer drinks are a good choice on a hot afternoon. Add more tonic if you prefer.


            50ml pink gin- or regular gin if you prefer
            150ml tonic
            1/2 cup ice cubes
            Mint leaves, lemon slices or rosemary sprigs, berries to garnish - optional


            Fill the glass with the ice, so the glass is cold before adding the gin, tonic and garnishes. A slice of lemon at the very least please.


            You can swap the tonic for lemonade if you prefer. We use diet tonic by choice. 

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