Lime Marmalade

Makes: 750ml approx Ready in: 2 hours + cooling
When making Lime marmalade the usual marmalade ratio of equal quantities of sugar, water and fruit does not apply. The intense tartness of limes requires more sugar or the resulting marmalade will be unpleasantly bitter. You don't have to strain the marmalade but I prefer it with less rind and more clear jelly, so it's more like a bought one.


  • 450g limes, washed
  • 1.125 litres water
  • 850g sugar
  • zest of one lime
  • a drop of green colouring optional
  • sterilised jars and lids – 3-4 depending on size


    Place whole limes in a medium saucepan with the water, cover with a lid and simmer 40-50 minutes until the limes are very soft but still whole.

    When cool enough to handle remove the limes and pour cooking water in a large saucepan. Place a sieve over the top and halve the limes over the sieve so any juices go into the liquid and any pulp or seeds are caught by the sieve.

    Use a teaspoon to scrape the pithy insides from the lime skins, and add to the sieve. Check the sieve and discard any pips. Tip the pulp into the liquid.

    Finely slice the skins, and add to the liquid along with the sugar. Heat gently till boiling then boil at a rolling boil for around 20 minutes, then test for a set. Check the mixture at 5 minute intervals until it has achieved setting consistency.

    Strain the marmalade into a heat proof jug quickly pressing out all the liquids and discarding the solids, You should have around 750 ml of clear-ish thick marmalade. Stir in a little green colouring if desired and the lime zest, then quickly, while still hot decant into sterilised jars and top with sterilised lids.


    I find without the green colour the marmalade is a pale yellow colour, not bad, but it just doesn't reflect the limeyness as much as when its green. 

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