Filled Easter Eggs

Serves: 1 Ready in: 1 Hour

Personalise an inexpensive store bought hollow chocolate egg by placing surprises inside and decorating the egg.


  • a big-ish hollow chocolate Easter egg - the kind wrapped in foil
  • 100g dark chocolate melts - melted
  • a serrated knife such as  bread knife
  • a mug of hot water
  • 1/2 cup icing sugar
  • 1 egg white
  • small goodies to hide inside the egg- sugared almonds, mini eggs,  sweeties such as smarties or M&M’s, stickers, a letter, a pair of diamond earrings, airline tickets…


    Remove the foil from the egg and form it into a little nest to support the egg while you are filling and re sealing it. If you hold the egg while working with it the heat from your hand will melt the chocolate.

    Heat the knife by dipping in hot water then repeatedly run the hot knife around the seam of the egg until the halves separate.

    Place one half onto the foil nest you have prepared and set the other half aside.

    Place the gifts or goodies in the shell. Dab some of the melted choc melts all the way around the rim of the egg shell and gently place the other half back in position, smoothing off the joint to make it neat.

    If doing more than one egg it is easiest to do them all at the same time dividing the goodies evenly between them and sealing them all up at the same time.

    When sealed some icing sugar together with a little bit egg white until you have a thick white icing that holds a peak. Use a piping bag or plastic bag to pipe decorations on the egg. Simple flowers around the seam, and a name on the top or go full on if you are good with a piping bag.

    You can make or purchase other more elegant sugar decorations if you choose. If using carob eggs be very careful as carob and in particular carob L are very brittle.


    I usually buy the affordable hollow chocolate eggs sold without fancy boxes, they just come in coloured foil.

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