The "One Chicken Breast Challenge"

Ever had to make 1 chicken breast feed a family of 4 or more? We have and so have many of our followers, so we've compiled a list of just some of the ways you can make that one chicken breast go a little bit further.

We asked how many people can you feed from 1 chicken breast, and how do you prepare it?

Four (2 adults, 2 kids), used in a risotto, or in a curry. Trudie

Filo cups with some roast pumpkin and garlic soup mix and a little shredded chicken breast and spinach - I get about 24 filo cups with 1 chicken breast and serve with salad - I generally allow 2 filo cups per person for a lunch. Michelle

I feed my family of 5 on one chicken breast at least twice a week and there is always enough for hubby's lunch the next day too. We make pizza, 2 different chicken pies, soup, filo parcels, sushi, pasta bake, chicken and salad wrapsMelanie

‎Six - chicken fried rice with cashew nuts or hot smoke the chicken breast for smoked chicken salad...4 adults.  Kat

I feed two adults, 7 year old and 3½ year old regularly on one chicken breast. We have a $120 per week grocery budget for 5 of us (3 months old as well).  A favourite other than the above ideas is to cut it into fingers, bash each finger into flat, put thru egg with chilli sauce in it, then crumb and fry.  Prue

We feed 4 (2 adults & 2 two smallish kids) with leftovers for lunch.  Risotto, butter chicken, pasta, curry and tortillas are the usual meals.  Alison

I regularly use 1 chicken breast for dinner & we have either a rice risotto with chicken and vegges, or we make an asian style chicken/noodle soup with veg, or we put veggies, chopped chicken and cream mixed up into filo pastry and wrap up into 10 rolls.  Suzi

Shredded in fried rice it can feed as many as you like!  Tania

‎Three+ adults.  In mac’n’cheese, or a large vegie stirfry or in wraps (fajita style).  Anne

‎Five  - Freeform chicken and veg tart from the Recipes magazine (I forget which month). More if you do a salad and some side veg/garlic bread as well and bulk it out with more veg inside, but 8 at the most. One of my favourite (and cheapest!) dinners!  Kristy

Usually four - Paella, Risotto, and Chicken Salads  are the easiest for me to "stretch" the chicken.  Stephanie

Seven (2 adult, 9yo. 5yo, 4yo, 2yo, 11m) with leftovers... usually either with veggies in a stir fry, or as butter chickenRebecca

Red/orange lentil soup, middle eastern style- Leftover chicken breast (or not !!) with some chopped sauteed onion, garlic, 7 spice , curry & dried black lemon tossed in, over rice or baked broken pitas.  Beth

‎Five - made chicken bacon and avocado salad with it last night - great for hot days and all my kids polished it off!  Perdita

‎Two adults, three kids 11yrs-6yrs. dg leek and bacon pie (kids favourite at the mo), butter chicken (in filo if I'm feeling up to it!), crumbed fingers, fried rice and creamy pastaJennifer

Two adults and three kids - my kids’ fav is sliced chicken crumbed in crushed up corn flakes...Dad loves it too dipped in sweet chilli.  Deirdre

I tend to either do a curry, stir-fry, fingers or dg stuffed lemon chicken breast for a cheap roast option. And that feeds 2 adults and three children (11,7,7). Last night I used 2 chicken breasts and stuffed them with sun-dried tomatoes, only a few, 1/2 a feta, parsley and mint. That feed 3 children and 3 adults it was more of a splash out and had enough for lunch.  Shona

Can feed four (2 adults , 2 big eating kids) on dg Magic Chicken Pie. I make one big one.  Paula

I use one breast when doing a pizza and it feeds seven of us (2 adults, 18, 15, 12, 9 & 2yr old children) usually spread over 2 homemade bases, with whatever other toppings we have. Last night I used 2 in dg's Everyday Risotto, but could have done it with one.  Carolyn

‎Two adults, three kids (12-10-7) and Dad’s lunch the next day.  Chicken, mushroom pasta with cheesy sauce, served with vegetables or salad.  Emily

Chicken croquettes on wraps with tabbouleh, salad and hummus yoghurt sauce. Poach the chicken breast in water - Make a roux with butter and flour, slowly add chicken stock until thick - add shredded cooked chicken, spices etc. Roll the cooled mixture into balls and breadcrumb them and shallow fry - done.  Rebecca

I always (when having chicken anyway) feed my family with one breast (1 adult and 3 kids including 2 big eating boys). I bulk all my meals with chick peas and lentils etc and of course veggies.  Alisa

Chicken nachos - grind it in the food processor, add onions, garlic, red beans, canned tomatoes, spices, anything you want really - feeds at least 8.  Carol

‎Four people and often butter chicken with jasmine rice or just marinate the chopped chicken breast and stir fried with falafels or rice and veggies.  Judith

One chicken breast in chicken noodle soup feeds 6 in our house (2 adults, 9, 8, 5, and 3). We had enough left over for hubby to bring some to work the next day (even after some of us had multiple helpings!)  Mika

One chicken breast for stir fries, chicken pies (especially dg one with herby cobbler topping), kebabs with chicken and veggies, risotto, homemade pasta with chicken as part of the filling, smoked chicken with pasta. (3 adults, 1 child).  Karen

‎Five - pilaf with chicken, currants, sliced almonds, red pepper and rice, more rice if more people or pilaf with pumpkin and apricots (and rice and chicken).  Anne

‎Six (2adults & 4children) - Garlic and Herb Salt Chicken with Pasta, Cashews and Capsicums. delicious!!  Lisa

Chicken risotto. Add lots of vegies. Feeds five for two nights.  Sarah

Chicken poached in white wine topped with onions and mushrooms sautéed in butter with a bit of sea salt and a sprinkle of fresh Italian parsley.  Debra

I roast a chicken breast and then shred it with two forks, toss through pasta with lemon, garlic, herbs and butter or oil, or use shredded chicken in a salad. Makes it seem like much more. Sophie

I made mushroom and chicken fettuccine. The key to slice the chicken thinly and it goes a long way.... Marie

We find 1 breast gives us the perfect number of homemade chicken nuggets for 2 adults and 2 children. Niki

The last time I did apricot chicken I added a 78c tin of cannelini beans to it which gave a whole extra serving :) Daina

Pizza is really good for stretching meat too, you really don't need much at all and it's super cheap if you make the base yourself. Daina

I'm with Nikki, I made crispy chicken strips just the other night. We even had some left over, probably because I over indulged in my home made potato wedges :-) Louise

One summer recipe that was so delicious was to marinate chicken breast in a balsamic dressing, bake it, shred it into a mesclun mango salad. Hera

Or Creamy pasta with bacon, poach and shred the chicken breast. Hera

Curry, so it can be padded out with lentils or chick peas. Also enchiladas/burritos or nachos using the chicken instead of mince beef, then add beans to the mix. Sally

Grind it up and make Waldorf Chicken Salad and serve on toast. My

Chicken mushroom and bacon pie (made in a white sauce) flaky pastry (often make individual one in muffin tins). Chicken fried rice. Bridget

Cut it into thin strips, egg wash, cajun spice crumb and pan fry. Serves 2 adults, 2 kids, and 1 baby in our house =) Obviously I do some vege on the side.... Prue

Use shredded in a salad or in chicken and mushroom pies - yum! Kim

Fry diced chicken breast in cajun spice with a sliced sausage or chorizo/bierstick, add chopped onion, capsicum, celery and minced garlic, a tablespoon of tomato paste, a can of tinned diced tomatoes and a cup of chicken stock, bring to the boil and add a cup of rice, keep stirring for 20 minutes until rice is cooked and voila! Jamabalaya for 4 :-) Lhizz

I would make a curry, chilli or casserole, shred or dice it finely, add beans/chickpeas and lots of vegetables (onions, potatoes and carrots always go well and are cheap as, along with whatever greens I have handy) I could make a chicken breast stretch over several meals this way, as it becomes more like a flavouring than a main ingredient. Louise

I always use thighs... they seem to be cheaper (most of our meals use 2 thighs). We do lots of the above, plus cut into bite size pieces, marinate in olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, then pan fry and serve as a garnish with a salad... we let the kids make up their own salads, and they usually grab a little of everything; helps to also include roasted potato cubes and little cubes of cheese. Deborah

Also, it goes a long way in a stir fry with lots of vegges. Kim

Pad thai! Laura

Creamy chicken noodle soup. I keep cooked, shredded chicken, cooked onions and garlic, cooked beans/chickpeas and chicken stock in the freezer (freeze in silicone muffin trays, then bag). Use a litre or more of stock/water, one or two packets of instant noodles or vermicelli, cooked onion, a cube of cooked chicken (less than a breast for sure), beans or lentils, and lots of frozen or cubed fresh veges. Flavour to taste. When you are almost ready to serve the soup, whisk an egg, then stir briskly through the soup. The egg thickens everything and makes for quite a creamy texture. Paula

We get several meals from a whole supermarket rotisserie chicken. The first night we just have hot chicken salad rolls (we've generally bought one cause we're in a hurry and needing something quick and easy). We then often make chicken pasta and curry. And, we make stock from the bones which we then use for a risotto with any left over chicken bits... Can normally get at least three meals from one chicken for a family of four. Elvina 

Chicken breast, cottage cheese, egg, parsley & breadcrumbs makes yum chicken nuggets. Also have discovered Old El Paso Crispy Chicken coating so use that with chicken cut into strips and have yummy chicken & salad wraps using Tortillas. Those two meals are great for our family of four and enough for leftovers for lunch for one the next day :) Margo

Cooked and shredded, then stirred into a risotto with roasted pumpkin, thyme & lemon. Justine

Enchiladas - you can either buy the packet from the supermarket and pad it out with a tin of chilli beans, or make up your own with a tin of mexican tomatoes (or plain toms with a good tablespoon or so of DG mexican spice mix), chilli beans, fried onion and capsicum. Save a bit of the sauce to pour over the rolled up Enchiladas, bake and serve with sour cream, rice and coleslaw. Yum! Stephanie

soup :) Sophie


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