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What cooking skills do your clients have?

Low Skill:

These clients have very few skills in the kitchen and little idea about nutrition. We might like to give them lots of fresh vegetables and other healthy ingredients as they are a “good choice” – if the client can cook or won’t eat those foods we haven’t helped them at all and they’ll still be hungry.

Help them by supplying foods that are nourishing but require little or no preparation:
Canned foods
Fresh or canned Fruit
Cereals – weetbix, ricies, cornflakes
Bread and spreads

You could try one of these ideas:

These recipes require little in the way of skills, equipment or ingredients:

Fried Rice
Chilli bean and potato bake

Basic or average skill:

These clients can be introduced to more economical ways of preparing meals that they already make or buy.

Our super stretcher recipes can be helpful here as can the section on cooking with pulses and beans

Red lentil bolognaise
Chunky sausage and bean bake
One pan peanut chicken and rice


Get them motivated, provide them with the tools to feed their household and give them some resources and goals. Our recipes are all inexpensive but the super stretcher recipes could be a great asset to these clients

Super stretcher sausage carbonnara
One pan pork and peanut rice
Magic chicken pies