My mother and I had the pleasure in enjoying your evening at the Elim Church in Hastings.

I would like to say I did the Honey Pork Stir Fry for dinner tonight and my very fussy 10 year old loved it, I am stoked I cooked a meal with no moans,thanks so much and under $10 for 6 of us. It has been so long since I have cooked a meal with no moans and I had the pleasure of my teenage boy enjoying helping me too.

Thank you so much and now looking forward to trying other recipies.
Thanks for a great night – Ann

hi i just wanted to say a huge thank you to you sophie- i came to see you recently in tauranga and the evening can only be described as a revelation to me !! After the evening i read your books and had an epiphany about the fact that we don’t need supermarkets as muich as i used to think and that even though i am a busy mum of two children i am capable of a lot more than i gave myself credit for!! so grocery bills are down and quality of food has radically improved. thanks again- you have changed the way we shop and live. kind regards, clare

Hi there,

Some friends and I went to a demonstration in Half Moon Bay last week Thursday. We had a really good time, thoroughly enjoyed the informative evening presented by Sophie. What an inspiration. I have used Sophie’s original book for quite some time now, and to hear her speak and be so down to earth and realistic about food is refreshing to say the least. I often think “am I the only one trying to save money here by making my own plum jam” etc etc…. but its great to know that I am not alone on this train. Thank you so much again and again, my husband kept saying over the weekend “Are you still going on about that foodie night you went to!”. I have revisted my menu plans, and am just starting a price book – great idea, then you know for sure if you are actually buying a deal.

Kind regards – Sophie you are a real Good Sort!
Sandra 🙂

A few friends and I attended one of your ‘evenings’ in Ohaupo – it was FAB! I had been trying off and on for years to get into the swing of DG but what a change seeing it in person has made! The cheese scones – no longer small windowless buildings – the bread – no longer flat when its not meant to be – and the budget – UNDER CONTROL! Thank you so very much. Love, the Gallagher Family x

Hi Sophie,Went to your cooking presentation in Warkworth and had never heard about you before! It was great, even ‘won’ coffee and yummy bread! All your books are piling on my bench at the moment (our fantastic library!!) and am looking forward to try lots of your recipes! And then I will buy some of your books!

You are a very inspiring lady!!