bakingYou can save a lot of money by baking simple cakes, muffins, biscuits and cookies at home. Baking from scratch, no premixes, no frozen dough, just inexpensive ingredients like flour, sugar, butter and eggs. Its cheap and easy.

You can be a great baker. Baking isn’t a mystical gift passed from mother to daughter in secret rituals. It’s not a talent you must be born with, nor does it take years to master.
All cooking is simply practical skills. Like driving or tying your shoe laces, you just have to do it.
The more you do the faster and better you get at it.

If you are a baking beginner you will need some simple equipment:

A measuring jug for liquids.
A simple scale or a measuring cup for dry ingredients.
A couple of bowls – a large one and a smaller one is a good start.
A heavy cookie sheet – thin ones don’t distribute the heat very evenly so may cause you baking to cook un evenly.
A 12 cup muffin pan – really useful, muffins are quick and cheap to make.
A set of measuring spoons.
A sieve.

I use a measuring cup rather than scales in many of my recipes as they are cheap to buy, so easy for a beginner to acquire.
We have a comprehensive measurements chart with all sorts of useful conversions
Measurement conversion chart

Beginners baking tips

Always preheat the oven. If the oven isn’t hot the fat in your baking will melt before the mixture cooks and may result in flat, greasy baking (pastry in particular goes greasy). Mixtures will not rise properly and may end up over cooked or under cooked depending on the recipe.

Don’t leave the mixture hanging about. The raising activity of self raising flour and baking powder begins as soon as liquid and heat are added to the mixture. So be ready to put into the oven as soon as the liquid is added, or the mixture will rise, then begin to deflate before it is baked. Muffins are a perfect example. It may seem like a good idea to make a double batch, but if you only have one set of pans, the second batch will be busy rising in the bowl before the first batch has finished cooking in the oven. Better to make two separate batches.